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sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Hungry Game lanza nuevo juego!

Hungry Game lanzó su segundo juego, Freaking Inkies, para iPhone y iPod Touch, publicado por Atakama Labs (ex Wanako Games).
Es un juego que mezcla la mecánica de un shooter con la de un puzzle de colores, resultando en una mezcla de acción e ingenio con una variedad importante de mecánicas de juego.

El juego esta disponible en el siguiente link de descarga(pago):

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  1. This amazing blend between shooter and puzzle full of colorful wacky monsters is on sale for the weekend at $ 0,99.
    Now you can splash down Freaking Inkies for one third of what it’s worth. Come on! What are you waiting for… Xmas???

    IGN Editor’s Choice Award 8.5: “Even though there are well over 35,000 games in the App Store for the iPhone, rare is the concept that feels really original. Freaking Inkies does.”
    Toucharcade: “ If you’re getting tired of the same old genres and experiences, Freaking Inkies is the breath of fresh air you’ve been waiting for.”
    Appmodo: “The colors, simple controls, and extensive amount of gameplay provided really makes the game a fun experience that everyone should own.”
    AppSpy: “Freaking Inkies is an insanely addictive action arcade shooter that will keep surprising you with just how fun each mode can be.”.
    Phoneblog: “Overall, Freaking Inkies is just a very unique, extremely fun game that's bound to perk up even the most jaded mobile gamers.”
    Buttonmashing: “Take the charm of Plants vs. Zombies, add a little bit of de Blob, and some precise tilt controls and you get this new game.”


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